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“The OFC has helped me tremendously. When I met with OFC I had lost hope that I would ever be able to be on my feet. I had tried every avenue that I knew of and there was nowhere to turn. I had exhausted all of my resources and there was this huge repair bill hanging over my head that I had no idea how I was going to pay. OFC was so kind and very easy to talk to. I was embarrassed about my situation and OFC made it so easy for me to tell my story. OFC went above and beyond what I could have imagined. The groceries and gas card enabled me to have a little extra money to help get caught up and I would have never expected to have the whole repair bill paid!! What a blessing and a huge relief! Then the day of the repair bill came and OFC and the others came and paid it off in full! They were so supportive and I was so proud that there were these people that cared enough to help someone out that they didn’t even know! Since that repair bill is gone I have been able to save a little bit more and almost get fully caught up, without their help I would still be so far behind. I am so grateful for OFC. It is nice to know that people care about veterans like me, thank God for OFC!”

The Mac and Cheese Story:
As one female veteran was filling out some paperwork at the OFC office, her daughter was going through the bags of groceries we had pulled together for them. All of a sudden she got this huge grin on her face. I looked at her mother and she explained. “She loves mac and cheese and we haven’t been able to buy any for a very long time.” There was a box of mac and cheese sitting right on top of all the groceries.