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Purpose of Operation Fairborn Cares

  1. Raise awareness of the community to veterans and their families' needs and our part in addressing those needs

    • Understanding the challenges of returning veterans and their families
    • Understanding that not all wounds are being treated by the VA or appropriate agency
    • Understanding that not all wounds are recognizable
    • Don't assume someone else is taking care of the problem

  2. Identifying ways to recognize those needs without reducing the dignity of the veteran

    • Neighbors looking out after neighbors
    • Working with churches, schools, other community organizations to be on outlook for possible problems family may be having
    • Collaborating with agencies identifying needs

  3. Bring together existing and/or new resources to help the veteran in out community

    • Shopping list of organizations where veterans and/or families can go for help
    • Callborate with organizations to help with veterans needs - Christmas in Action, Veteran Service Organizations, city, schools, churches, defense contractors, WSU Veterans Center, etc.
    • Neighbor helping neighbor

  4. Collaborate with Wright State University Student Veteran Office as appropriate

    • Boots to Books Veterans Support Fund
    • WSU professional staff will help OFC in understanding these veterans, their needs, and ways to support the veterans